Aevon STD loadtrailer for the transport of dogs

Aevon STD loadtrailer for the transport of dogs

8. Dezember 2019

The Aevon trailer is a test product. I got the STD end of 2019 and use it since, mainly in the alps. It is reliable and we love it.

Single Wheel Trailers are made to transport goods. Therefore I am very thankful to the company that they supported me with a trailer to test the use with my dog.
First of all: it's a great trailer and if I had no dog to carry, I would go on a trip through the alps with this trailer. One time I tested it on a one-day-adventure where Napoli had to use his own paws and the Aevon UNO was loaded with tent and all necessary camping material.

Technical details and measures you will find on the producers website, nevertheless here the difference between the models UNO and STD in brief:

The UNO trailer that I had in the beginning, is not damped and it is made for the use with wheels of 26'' or 27.5'' diameter.

The STD has a swing arm that is compatible with 29'' wheels. It has a damper and a higher cage - so this is preferably for offroad use.

The trailer is of very solid Aluminium and you don't have to worry when it get's scratches. The cage is huge (STD bigger than UNO) and can carry a lot of stuff.

I personally did not recognize a big difference between the not-damped UNO and the damped STD. Both are very comfortable to pull. A year ago, I very shortly tried a BOB Ibex and that made much more noise than the Aevons do.

The fixation to the seatpost is very easy to handle. You must be aware that the seatpost is considered as a wear part that may has to be renewed after heavy use with the trailer. A light-weight seatpost is not recommended.

That special concept with the swing arm attached to the seatpost allows a narrow curve radius. On the other hand you must be carefull surrounding objects - you may hit that obstacle that you passed with the bike easily.

The trailer is really fine for use on rough terrain.

After disassembly of the swing arm, the two elements cage and swing arm can be stored away quite fine.

What to consider with the use of a dog?

  • the trailer tilts in curves which is in the beginning intimidating for the dog

  • the biker has to ballance every movement of the dog which is in particular difficult when pedaling slowly uphill
  • some modifications have to be made - for example a protection for the dog's tail

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